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80,000 Hours provides research and support to help students and recent graduates switch into careers that effectively tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

We’re a Y Combinator–backed nonprofit funded by philanthropic donations, and everything we provide is free.

What we offer:

  1. Our online guides — our career guide, which covers our core advice, as well three other guides which cover which global problems are most pressing, ideas for new high-impact career paths, and how to make a career plan
  2. Our podcast — in-depth interviews about the world’s most pressing problems, and how you can help solve them
  3. Our job board — with current opportunities to work on big and neglected problems and build skills
  4. One-on-one advice — which helps our most engaged readers enter the paths that are best for them, by helping them make an individual plan and by making introductions to mentors, jobs and funding.

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