Virtual AI Safety Unconference

Linda Linsefors
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Virtual AI Safety Unconference (VAISU) 2024 is an online event designed to foster meaningful collaboration among both seasoned and emerging AI safety researchers. The event promotes discussions on questions such as: "How do we ensure that AI systems are safe and beneficial, both in the short and long term?" Topics covered include alignment, corrigibility, interpretability, cooperativeness, understanding human values, AI governance, and strategy.

Funding Model:
VAISU 2024 operates on a "pay what you want" and donation/grant model.

Use of funds:
Software and operational expenses: Software costs (teamup, zoom, etc) and other operational expenses necessary for hosting the event.
Organizer compensation: Stipends for the efforts of the organizing team, in designing, planning and managing the event.

Goals for funding:
Funding goal of 10000 USD-equivalent, which is our estimated cost for the event
Surplus allocation: Any surplus will be used to enable and enhance future editions of VAISU (or derived events) and optionally fund a community-driven prize for recognizing impactful contributions.

Theory of change:
VAISU 2024 aims to reduce AI risks by enhancing the quality and scope of AI safety research through several strategic interventions:
Building the Network: By increasing connection, collaboration, and trust among researchers, VAISU fosters a community poised to tackle critical AI safety challenges collaboratively.
Facilitating Research Progress: The event provides a platform for disseminating the latest findings and views, which helps in elevating the overall quality of research and discussion within the community.
Providing Institutional Infrastructure: By sustaining an annual high-quality event, VAISU fills a vital gap in the AI safety research community’s infrastructure, offering a regular venue for high-level discourse and collaboration.

Impact measurement:
Impact is measured through post-event surveys assessing participant engagement, the relevance of content, and the initiation of new collaborations. Metrics include:
Participant Feedback: Levels of satisfaction and perceived impact on their research.
Collaborative Initiatives: Number of research projects and partnerships initiated due to the event.
Content Quality: Participant ratings of the relevance and impact of sessions.

Financial transparency and management:
Horizon Omega is the fiscal host of the project. It is a Canadian non-profit organization. We ensure transparency in financial dealings and the responsible allocation of resources.