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Kabir Kumar
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Hello, we're working on

Currently, it takes a very long time to get an understanding of who is doing what in the field of AI Alignment and how good each plan is, what the problems are, etc. Hi, I'm working on - a contributable compendium of alignment plans and criticisms against them. We believe it's a way to make finding the best and worst plans for alignment a lot easier!

Stage 1: A contributable compendium of alignment plans and their criticisms
Estimated time left for this to be done: 1 week - adding ~5 plans a day now
Projected benefits: Easily seeing what plans there are, what problems there are, what the most common problems there are

Stage 2: In addition to everything from Stage 1, there is now a scoring system for criticisms and a ranking system for plans- where plans are ranked from top to bottom based on the total scores of their criticisms. Each new plans start with 0 bounty, and lower bounty plans give the most points- so each new plan gets a lot of opportunity and incentive for criticism.
Estimated time left for this to be done: 15 days
Projected benefits: makes it easier to see which plans have the worst problems and regulation against them can be pushed, lets people (including talented scientists and engineers) see which companies have the least problematic plans and the most problematic plans- going to work with on this- who wants to work for the company on the bottom of the leaderboard?, increases incentives to criticize plans well

Stage 3: In addition to everything from Stage 1 and 2, there are now monthly cash prizes for the highest ranking plan that's 1 week old (since new plans start out at the top automatically) and for the user/users with the most criticism points that month.
Estimated time left for this to be done: 1-3 months, depending on how quickly we raise funding
Projected benefits: This supercharges everything from stage 2 and attracts more smart people to the platform who are interested in a chance to make money but maybe don't care much about alignment. We can also say to policymakers- hey look, they even get money if they can come up with a plan with less problems, but they didn't!