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Animal Advocacy Africa works to empower animal advocates who are (interested in) doing work to reduce farmed animal suffering in African countries. We share knowledge, provide connections, and help them build the skills to run an impactful animal advocacy organisation.

What does AAA do?

Having identified insufficient capacity as a key bottleneck among animal advocacy organisations in Africa, AAA currently supports up to 17 organisations across 8 African countries in 2023, helping them build the critical components of effective, evidence-based charities, ranging from strategy, operations to communications.

AAA provides stipends to help organisations professionalise and cover their operational costs and technical infrastructure, e.g. internet upgrades, website costs and IT equipment. AAA has also begun regranting larger amounts to highly promising groups, allowing donors to support grassroots animal advocacy charities in African countries with tax-deductible donations.

AAA has published research about the animal advocacy landscape in Africa. Our current project attempts to determine the possibility of avoiding/preventing the wider spread of industrial animal agriculture in Africa as much as possible, with the aim of saving billions of future animals that would otherwise be born to live in factory farming conditions. Our key uncertainty, however, is whether preventing or mitigating factory farming is possible. Therefore, we consider our intervention high-risk, high-reward.

Why Africa?

  • The human population of Africa is expected to nearly triple by 2100. Global meat production in Africa has nearly doubled since 2000, and this rate is expected to increase to match the growing population and growing wealth of the continent.
  • Of all continents, Africa has the highest growth rate in aquatic farming.
  • Farmed animal welfare is incredibly neglected in Africa - only an estimated $1 million went towards farmed animal advocacy work in Africa in 2020.
  • AAA believes now is a critical time to help build the animal movement in Africa before animal farming practices become more intensive.
  • AAA is one of the first effective altruism aligned organisations dedicated to building the capacities of organisations in Africa by focusing on funding and organisational effectiveness.