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Our vision is a positive and secure future. Pour Demain is a non-profit think tank that develops policy proposals on neglected issues positively impacting Switzerland and beyond. We are committed to fact-based policies, developing scientifically sound recommendations and facilitating the exchange between science, politics and civil society.

What does Pour Demain do exactly?

In dialogue with science, politics, and civil society, Pour Demain develops recommendations relating to neglected topics such as pandemic prevention or artificial intelligence (AI).


To this end, the think tank maintains a lively exchange with collaborators from science, civil society, politics, and administration. We also organise workshops with experts and public events.

How does Pour Demain prioritise recommendations?

Pour Demain evaluates the recommendations in a structured process. The focus is on assessments by experts, from professional articles to interviews to written expert surveys, which Pour Demain conducts.

The Pour Demain team applies the following criteria in the assessment of new recommendations (simplified):

  • "Do no harm" - exclusion criterion: Recommendations with potential harm are excluded.
  • Impact: How positive is the impact of the recommendation on Switzerland and beyond?
  • Implementability: How likely is it that the recommendation will be implemented? How long is it likely to take for the implementation of the recommendation to have an impact?
  • Neglected: How neglected is the recommendation? What contribution can Pour Demain make compared to other actors?

The think tank follows an iterative approach. Recommendations are not static, but are continuously adapted to new circumstances. We regularly re-evaluate the recommendations with experts and citizens.

What is the role of the Pour Demain team?

We mediate between science, politics and civil society. In this role, we have a certain expertise in all areas, but we do not see ourselves as experts in all topics.

We draw on the expertise of our network of over 200 professionals and the approximately 25-member advisory board. The expertise is always contextualized with regard for the concerns of the Swiss population and civil society.

As a team we act independently or self-organised.

Is Pour Demain independent? Who funds the think tank?

Pour Demain is a non-profit, tax-exempt, independent association. It is financed through charitable donations, e.g. from private individuals or the Hasler Foundation.

The donations are independent of corporate interests or party political preferences.

The definition and implementation of our activities is independent of donors.

Pour Demain refrains from paid or unpaid mandates.

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