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Giving to the right charities means you can save hundreds of lives. We help you find them. Why do we do it? Because we strive for a world where the worst problems are solved as soon as possible.

Effective Giving Guide

We’ve gathered a lot of information on what it means to give effectively and how to have the biggest impact through your philanthropy. Learn about our approach in our three-part guide on effective giving - from picking a worthy cause to finding the right charity.

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Donation Advice

Picking the right charity is a difficult task for anyone working independently. This is where we come in. We examine the growing body of research around cost-effectiveness and distill this information into donation advice for individuals and organizations.

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Charity Recommendations

We provide a public list of outstanding charities for donors to support. We strongly believe that any contribution to these organizations will make a significant positive difference in the world. The list is updated regularly to reflect new developments and evidence.

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[This project was created by the Impact Markets team. Please visit the website of the organization for more information on their work.]