$200: Write forum post that cross-applies ideas from crypto/web3 to x-risk

Drew Spartz
Altruistic contributionEffective Altruism

I'll pay $200 for any post on the EA Forum/Alignment Forum/LW that takes ideas important ideas from crypto/web3 and applies them to x-risk.

Payout Conditions The post has to get at least 25 upvotes (15 for Alignment Forum). Payout subject to my discretion. If you don’t get enough upvotes, email your submission to [email protected], and if your ideas are interesting enough, I'll still pay out the bounty.

Who am I?


Why am I doing this?

6 years ago, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin wrote an important but little-known blog post explaining why Cryptoeconomic and X-Risk researchers should listen to each other more.


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