$400: Make Basic Tasks in Metaculus Easier

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Enable Nathan Young to do a number of normal tasks on Metaculus more easily. People want to forecast, but Metaculus is hard to use. With an easier-to-use front end, it needn’t be.

Necessary (worth 80% of the prize pool):

  • Have all the normal filters of Metaculus
  • Have a feed, where you can scroll down and forecast, or reapprove a previous forecast
  • Be able to make private binary questions where there is only the following boxes
    • Question
    • Date with a picker, ‘7 days’ ‘30 days’ 1 year
    • Resolution Criteria
    • When submitted, the title box gets the first 15 letters of the question, the close date, and resolution date are the date and every other box gets a “.”

Stretch goals (worth 20% of the prize pool)

  • Copy the probability editor for making range forecasts, also avoidable from the feed

Give it a better name. Suggestions:

  • MetaculusUI
  • Metaculus Feed

Payout conditions / judges: 

Nathan Young will adjudicate. If it meets his satisfaction, it will win. To win the stretch goals a site must have the necessary goals too.


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