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Faunalytics' mission is to empower animal advocates with access to research, analysis, strategies, and messages that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering.

We conduct essential research, maintain an online research library, and directly support advocates and organizations in their work to save lives. The range of data we offer helps our movement understand how people think about and respond to advocacy, providing advocates with the best strategies to inspire change for animals.

Our Original Studies are carefully selected, designed, and conducted to provide actionable and insightful data for the animal protection movement. Our research prioritization process helps us identify studies that have a high potential impact for animals, and our commitment to transparency and rigorous methodology ensures that our studies are of the highest quality. Our studies have been covered in hundreds of publications across animal advocacy circles as well as in mainstream media, and have been used by animal advocacy groups worldwide.

The Faunalytics Library houses summaries of over 5,000 peer-reviewed research articles, public opinion surveys, gray literature, and blog posts offering deep analysis on every animal issue you can think of. It’s the world’s biggest, free online collection of opinion and behavior research about animal issues.

We also offer comprehensive overviews of a particular topic area in our Faunalytics Fundamentals, a series that provides infographics and visualizations of data to help you get informed and stay informed. The Fundamentals series has everything you need to get started or update your knowledge in a familiar area, and the visuals are highly shareable beyond an advocacy audience.

Have a research question that you don’t know how to solve? Want to dive deep into a particular issue but don’t know where to start? Just ask us! Faunalytics’ Office Hours give you the opportunity to connect with us directly and get one-on-one help with research design, strategy, and general knowledge questions. We also engage in select partner projects with advocacy groups.

Our 2022 Community Survey (an annual survey we conduct among global animal advocates who utilize our work) found that 97% of advocates who use our resources agreed that our work is high-quality, while 82% thought our work is extremely or very valuable to improving animal advocacy.

Faunalytics has been named a Top Charity by Animal Charity Evaluators, but our success relies on your support! Please donate today to help us produce new research and resources for animal advocates.