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Legal Impact for Chickens (LIC) works to make factory-farm cruelty a liability. LIC brings strategic lawsuits for chickens and other farmed animals. We develop and refine creative methods to civilly enforce existing cruelty laws in factory farms, and to sue companies that break animal-welfare commitments.

You may have seen our first case, the Costco shareholder derivative suit, in The Washington Post, Fox Business, CNN Business, or Meatingplace.

Companies don’t follow laws if they aren’t enforced. And prosecutors almost never enforce cruelty laws on factory farms, even when animal protection groups urge them to. As a result, while several state cruelty laws technically cover farms, factory farms ignore them. Investigations in such states show rampant, unlawful neglect and abuse. Similarly, the animal movement’s effort to pass confinement bans may be wasted if those new bans aren’t enforced. Strategic civil litigation offers a solution. Several little-known laws—like the fiduciary duty to act lawfully—let plaintiffs sue for violation of another law.

Even when companies voluntarily agree to make an animal welfare commitment, like going cage-free, the companies often break their promise. Civil litigation offers a potential solution for that, too, by suing companies over their broken promises.

LIC picks cases pragmatically, based on likelihood of a win and precedent potential.

LIC was founded by Alene Anello, an experienced lawyer and animal advocate with a degree from Harvard Law School and a federal clerkship. Also on our team is litigator Sarah Gold, a Berkeley Law graduate who previously worked in BigLaw. LIC’s board includes Alicia Rodriguez, director at The Humane League; Tyler Lobdell, staff attorney at Food & Water Watch; Stephanie Ahart, founding engineer at CoactiveAI; and Sami Nabulsi, cofounder of Voltaire Foundation of North America.

LIC subscribes to an effective altruist philosophy, working to do the most good for the most number of sentient beings.

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